AMI Information
Click on the school, then the name of the teacher and on the right menu, click on the link with AMI in the title.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is internet access for ALL students located at the PE/MUSIC/ building on campus for those that need it.

Accelerated Reader (AR)
Access AR from home using the following link:


Stephanie Alvarado

Katelyn Bostic

Lana Burney

Amanda Harris

Cindy Heagwood

Kali Hester

Lindsey Knipper

Amanda Muse

Mark Segovis

Krista Smith

Holly Steele

Mary Townsend

Kathleen Wicker

Kris Woodruff

Susan Wright


Shana Campbell

Kim Cox

Debbie Craig

Cindy Heagwood

Deborah Jackson

Brittany Kizer

Spencer Kizer

Jennifer Stegall

Chris Sweat

Scott Kelton

Kari Valentine

Laci Williams

Kris Woodruff