HS Counselor’s Corner

Welcome to the High Schools Counselor’s Corner! The information on this page will change rapidly so please take a moment to scan each section for new updates. The goal for the Counselor’s Corner is to keep students and parents informed about different subjects pertaining to Blevins student requirements for graduation and scholarships.


Monthly Scholarship Deadlines

November 15:

More November Deadlines:

December 1:

More December Deadlines:

January 15:

January 31:

February 1: 

  • Final deadline for fellowship and scholarship applications for U of A, Fayetteville.  http://apply.uark.edu

More February Deadlines:

March 1:

March 15:

April 1:

April 15:

  • Blevins Alumni Endowment Scholarship.  Apply through www.uaht.edu foundation scholarships.

  • Junior Auxiliary Scholarship

  • Justin Blake Scholarship

More April Deadlines:

Hope Evening Lions Club Scholarship – https://www.facebook.com/notes/hope-evening-lions-club/hope-evening-lions-club-scholarship/2744287832353702/

Helpful Scholarship websites:

Join goingmerry.com.  This is a free scholarship website.  Once seniors complete their profile, it will match them with qualifying scholarships. The earlier seniors complete their profile, the faster it can start matching them to scholarships.

https://jlvcollegecounseling.com/scholarships/ has scholarships in a variety of categories. This website can help you narrow your search for scholarships.  Check often as scholarships are added daily.




Harding     https://www.harding.edu/admissions/cost/scholarships

HSU    http://hsu.edu/FinancialAid/academic-scholarships.html

OBU    https://obu.edu/finaid/

SAU     https://web.saumag.edu/admissions/apply/scholarships/

SAU Tech     https://www.sautech.edu/scholarships/

UAHT   http://www.uacch.edu/admissions/financial-aid/scholarships/

UALR    https://ualr.edu/scholarships/

UAPB    http://www.uapb.edu/administration/enrollment_management/office_of_recruitment/scholarships.aspx

U of A     https://catalog.uark.edu/undergraduatecatalog/financialaidandscholarships/scholarshipsfornewstudents/

UCA    https://uca.edu/scholarships/

2019-2020 Academic Scholarship Comparison Chart
Comparison Chart


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