School Choice

School Choice 2022-2023

Under the Arkansas Public School Choice Act, parents of students residing outside Blevins School District who want to enroll their children in Blevins School have until May 1 to apply for the right to enroll this fall under Arkansas Public School Choice Act. Applications are available at the Administration Office at 5954 Hwy 29 North Blevins, Arkansas. The application must be postmarked or delivered to the Superintendent no later than May 1 of the current year for your child to be able to enroll in August, of the current year. Transfers into the Blevins District shall be granted on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race of the student. Students who have been accepted and enrolled in previous years do not have to apply again. Previously-approved transfers remain valid for as long as the student attends Blevins Schools. Transferring to another school in our district is not an option because we only have one campus for each grade level.

School Choice Application